Our Beef

Thank you for visiting our family's farm website. We are in the process of making a few minor changes to our beef purchasing format. Stay tuned for an update by Monday, April 29th. Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

teXga Beef Box contents
  • 2x Beef Tenderloins (Approximate size: 6oz each)
  • 2x Ribeyes (Approximate size: 14oz each)
  • 2x NY Strip (Approximate size: 12oz each)
  • 15x 1lb. packages of ground beef
  • 2x Beef Sirloins (Approximately 14oz each) *OR* 1x Roast (Approximately 3lb)
  • 2x Roasts (Approximately 3lb each)
  • 1x 1lb. package of stew meat
  • 2x 4-pack of 1/3lb pre-made burger patties

Total Price: $299  

How does it work?
When you buy from teXga, you can look us (the owner's) in the eye when you pick up your beef  at one of our pick up locations. When beef box is purchased will be delivered to a location selected from a dropdown menu when purchasing. Before the purchase of your beef is complete, customer will be prompted to select pick up location/date.

Our next delivery date: To be announced Monday, April 29th

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and reserve your teXga beef today! Questions? Contact us.

How does it work? As a small family owned farm providing pasture raised and hormone free beef directly to our customers it's not feasible to maintain a brick and mortar presence at multiple locations across North Georgia. Instead we partner with a local business owner in a community who allows us to utilize their parking lot for a coordinated drop off point. In addition to convenience this also allows you to meet us upon pick up! Want to pick up at the farm? We can accommodate that too!

Please note:  We are currently delivering to
- White/Hall/Rabun/Habersham Counties, GA: At an agreed upon time and location with teXga's owners.
- Located in Athens, Atlanta or elsewhere? Please contact us to schedule a delivery date. 

*Please contact us to set up your delivery location or to confirm a pick-up time at our barn.

Questions?  Please let us know!