Halves & Whole Pork

PLEASE NOTE : We are now taking deposits for our February 2024 harvest.

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Questions: Please do not hesitate to call/text the farm phone at 706.949.6148 or contact us!

If you're interested in stocking your freezer with 6-12 months worth of local Duroc/Yorkshire pork (or of course you can split it up amongst friends and family) ordering a half or whole hog processed to your specifications can represent a great value saving you 30% versus our smaller retail bundles. All of our hogs are butchered at a locally owned USDA inspected processing facility that we work with located in Ellijay, Ga. (about 75 miles north of Atlanta). 

How Much Meat Do I Get?

Our target live weight per hog is 300-320 lbs. for harvest date. Typically this yields a hanging weight/carcass of around 240-260 lbs for a whole or 120-130 lbs for a half and the price is $5.25/lbs. hanging weight. The pricing of $5.25/lb hanging weight is inclusive of all processing costs, butchering, packaging, boxing and fresh freezing. A 250 lbs. carcass should yield you approximately 162 lbs. - 170 lbs. of take home product (If purchasing a whole) depending on how you choose to have your animal  butchered or as we say "broken down". If you purchase a half then you should have approximately 81 lbs. - 85 lbs. of take home product. 

What Cuts Do I Get?

When it comes to how your pork is cut we are here to help! Your options will include juicy pork chops (bone-in or boneless), spare ribs, mild sausage, hot sausage, Italian sausage, Boston Butt and Picnic Roast (great on the smoker for pulled pork), hams (can be left as whole ham, cut into roasts, sliced into ham steaks or ground into sausage), the prized pork tenderloin, pork belly, bacon, fat back, ham hocks, jowls and more!

Where do I pick it up?

Your pork can be picked up from the small family owned USDA inspected processing facility we send our hogs to in Ellijay, GA  or we can send a freezer van to pick it up in Ellijay and bring it back to the walk in freezers here at our farm here in Clarkesville, GA (Habersham County) for a fee of $50. Please note that 1/2 or whole hogs CANNOT BE SHIPPED, IF YOU CHOSE SHIPPING AT CHECKOUT IT WILL BE REFUNDED.

Do I Save Money Buying a 1/2 Hog?

The easiest way to look at the value proposition of buying a half/whole is that you'll end up saving approximately 30% versus buying that same quantity of beef from us in our smaller bundles throughout the year. To hold your animal we require a $250 non-refundable deposit and then once the hanging weight is verified by the processor the balance would be due before pork is picked up. This deposit will be applied to your final balance.

The quick steps to securing your half or whole hog are as follows:

  1. We answer any and all questions you have about the process. Please give us a call (706)949.6148 or send us an email. We're happy to be of help!
  2. Customer pays a deposit to guarantee your animal. This $250 deposit is applied to the final balance
  3. We work together to fill out your cut sheet which is how we communicate with our processor how you'd like the steer broken down.
  4. Hanging weight of your animal is verified by processor and balance of payment is due.
  5. Fresh frozen vacuum sealed pork is available for you to pick up directly from our processor or from us here at teXga ($50 delivery fee to Clarkesville from Ellijay). *Note: Vacuum sealed = 2 year shelf life

How much freezer space should I reserve for my pork? 30 lbs. of pork = 1 cubic foot of freezer space.

Questions: Please do not hesitate to call/text the farm phone at 706.949.6148 or contact us!
Make a Half/Whole Hog Deposit HERE