teXga Week-night Meal Box


Roasts & Ground Beef - All the essentials you need for a successful dinner!

*Please note, this box contents have been adjusted as we have sold out of ground beef, please read box description before purchasing.

On the hunt for some weeknight meals? Does your family love a crock-pot meal? Ours does! While pot roast and burgers remain traditional southern meals, we’ve started to get creative with our roast and ground beef recipes beyond the pot roast and bun! We invite you to visit our recipes page for insight or contact us for some suggestions if you’re on the hunt!

This box includes:

  • 3 Roasts | Approx. 2.75-3.5 lbs. each

*This beef is 21 day dry-aged, vacuum sealed and fresh-frozen
*Cut and packaged by hand

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