Our Family

A former Texas BBQ food truck owner, Kyle Lewallen found himself in northeast Georgia after meeting and marrying his now wife, Caroline. The two met when Caroline was attending Texas A&M University for graduate school.

Together, they dreamed of starting and running an entrepreneurial adventure together and to name it 'teXga'. The name 'teXga' combines their two home states - Texas and Georgia - plus their love for BBQ and beef cattle. Additionally, in the livestock world, a capital 'X' represents an animal being crossbred - but at their farm, their backgrounds and expertise are also diverse and blended together.

The animals they raise are primarily Angus and Sim-Angus cattle. Their backgrounds are certainly different. Kyle was raised in Austin, Texas, and has no agricultural background other than cooking agricultural products via BBQ smokers. He has a degree in business from Texas A&M. Caroline grew up raising and showing livestock and has two degrees in agriculture (UGA, Texas A&M). Prior to teXga, Caroline was the marketing coordinator at Jaemor Farms, a nearby produce farm and market. teXga allows us to combine both of our interests and expertise in raising animals and agribusiness.

OwnersWe feel that the Lord continues to open doors for this farm, and are grateful for the opportunity to own this piece of dirt. In July of 2017, we jumped at the opportunity to found teXga literally as soon as we owned the keys to the front gates.

We want our customers to know us and understand our passion and vision for raising beef. If you like us we hope you’ll consider buying some of our beef!