Halves & Whole Beef

We are sold out of all our halves and wholes for 2021 and May 2022. We are currently accepting deposits for our June 2022 harvest.

If you're interested in stocking your freezer with 6-12 months worth of beef (or of course you can split it up amongst friends and family) ordering a half or whole cows processed to your specifications can represent a great value. All of our steers are butchered at a family owned, USDA inspected processing facility that we work with in Rabun County.

The price of a half cow or whole cow is based on the hanging weight (it's ok if you're unfamiliar with this term, we're happy to explain it!). Our target weight per animal is 1300 lbs. for harvest date. Typically this yields a hanging weight/carcass of 750 lbs.

When you're looking to purchase a half or whole, one of the first things to consider is if you'd like your beef to be wrapped in freezer paper or for it to be vacuum sealed. For vacuum sealed beef, the price is $4.50/lbs. which is inclusive of all processing costs, dry aging, and freezing fresh in its packaging. The price drops from $4.50/lbs. to $4.25/lbs. if you choose to have your beef wrapped in freezer paper. A 750 lbs. carcass should yield you between 400 lbs.-425 lbs. of take home product (If purchasing a whole) depending on how you choose to have your animal  butchered or as we say "broken down".

For example, if you choose bone in ribeyes, Porterhouses, bone in chuck roast and bone in shoulder roast, your take home weight will climb much higher although you'll still be getting the same amount of beef (just more bone). An additional benefit to ordering a half/whole and selecting how your animal is broken down is that you can also get soup bones to make your own beef stock as well as some of the more creative cuts such as liver, heart, tongue and oxtail. These cuts are collectively referred to as the offal and with some creativity and proper preparation they can make a great meal!

The easiest way to look at the value proposition of buying a half/whole is that you'll end up saving approximately 25% versus buying that same quantity of beef from us in our small bundles throughout the year.

We are currently accepting reservations for our animals to be processed in May-June 2022. To hold your animal we require a $500 non-refundable deposit and then once the hanging weight is verified by the processor the balance would be due before beef is picked up.

The sequence for an order would be this...

  1. We answer any and all questions you have about the process
  2. Pay a deposit to guarantee your animal
  3. We work together to fill out your cut sheet which is how we communicate with our processor how you'd like the steer broken down
  4. Hanging weight is verified by processor and balance of payment is due
  5. Fresh frozen sealed beef is available for you to pick up directly from Blalock Meats in Rabun Gap, Ga.

*Note: Vacuum sealed = 2 year shelf life; Paper = 1 year shelf life

How much freezer space should I reserve for my beef? 30 lbs. of beef = 1 cubic foot of freezer space

Questions: Please do not hesitate to contact us!