BEEF: Quarter Share Deposit


Non-refundable Deposit; Balance due upon pick up.

PLEASE NOTE : Customers must pick up at teXga  in Clarkesville, GA. We have one remaining spring quarter avaialble. We’ll be opening deposits for more quarters in June.

Your wish is our command! Several customers have inquired about a quarter beef vs. a half beef and we are now able to offer this opportunity to you! Our next round of Quarter Beef Shares harvest date is:  April 10th, 2024
How it works:
– Deposit: $250 to reserve your quarter beef share
– Remaining Balance:  $849 (Due before or at pick up; teXga will invoice customer)
– Total Price $1,099.00
What does a quarter beef include? 
(4) Filets Cut at 1.75″ thick
(4) Bone-In Ribeyes Cut at 1″ thick
(4) NY Strip Steaks Cut at 1″ thick
(4) Sirloin Steaks
(1) Flat Iron Steak
(2) Coulette Steaks (Also known as picanha)
(2) Chuck Roasts
(1) Shoulder Roast
(1) Sirloin Tip Roast
(5) Packages of Stew Meat (Approximately 1 lbs. per package)
(14) Burger Patties
(4) Packages of Short Rib
(3) Packages of Osso Bucco
(45) Packages of Dry Aged 80/20 Ground Beef ( Approximately 1 lbs. per package)

The easiest way to look at the value proposition of buying a quarter beef is that you’ll end up saving approximately 15% versus buying that same quantity of beef from us in our small bundles throughout the year.

When you place your deposit for a quarter, we will then reserve that beef for your  + harvest date.

*Quarter beef customers do not get to complete a cut sheet for our butcher to use like a half or whole beef customer does.

Questions: Please do not hesitate to contact us send us an email at or give us a call/text on the farm cell at 706.949.6148!

How much freezer space do I need for a quarter cow? We recommend a small chest-type freezer. You will need at least 4 cubic foot of space.  30 lbs. of beef = 1 cubic foot of freezer space

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