Dry Aged Ground Beef ($7.50-$7.99/lb)


$7.50 to $7.99 per pound; sold in 5 package increments.

The juicy, hearty flavor of our local pasture-raised and 14 day dry-aged, premium 80/20 ground beef takes burgers, lasagna, chili and sauces to a new level. In addition to dry aging we use 100% of the brisket from each animal in our ground beef blend which really elevates the depth of the flavor. Our ground beef is packaged in approximately 1 lb. vacuum-sealed portions and sold in 5 package increments.


Add our sausage sampler!

1lb Mild Sausage, 1lb Italian Sausage, 1lb Hot Sausage

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Ground beef is vacuum-sealed in 1 lbs. packages.

*All beef is 14 day dry-aged, vacuum sealed and fresh-frozen, cut and packaged by hand

*Beef should be cooked within 2-3 days of thawing.

*Please note that vacuum sealed, frozen product when properly stored is viable for up to 2 years from the packing date on label.