Bone-In Ribeye Bundle


Includes 4 teXga Ribeye Steaks and 3 Packages of Ground Beef
Bundle includes:
4 – Bone-In Ribeyes  | Each steak generously hand cut to a minimum of 1.25″
3 – 1 lbs. packages of 80/20 premium ground beef (blend includes dry aged brisket and dry aged sirloin)

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We’ve put together a beef bundle that includes 4 of our most popular steaks and 3 packages of our premium 80/20 dry-aged ground beef that is sure to make the griller in your family happy!

Enjoy the savory, tender qualities of our bone-in ribeye with a cut that comes straight from the mouthwateringly juicy prime rib. Our ribeye provides exceptionally tender meat with deep beefy flavor, which results from its abundance of marbling melting into the lean meat while cooking.

Steaks are individually vacuum-sealed and fresh-frozen. Ground beef is vacuum-sealed in 1 lbs. packages.

*All beef is 14 day dry-aged, vacuum sealed and fresh-frozen, cut and packaged by hand

*Beef should be cooked within 2-3 days of thawing.

*Please note that vacuum sealed, frozen product when properly stored is viable for up to 2 years from the packing date on label.