Our Practices

At teXga, we believe you should demand more from your meat. If you're looking for...
  Local (it tastes better!)
   No Hormones or antibiotics

You've come to the right place!

teXga Farms is a direct-to-consumer beef cattle operation located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains on Georgia 197 between Lake Burton and the historic town of Clarkesville.

Our cattle are exclusively raised and pasture grazed in North Georgia and are sourced as calves from trusted cattlemen within 60 miles of our farm. We employ a free-choice nutrition program, with our cattle spending their days on rolling open pasture with plenty of forage while also being provided with high-quality grain to supplement should they so choose.

We do not employ the use of added growth hormones on our farm. Should an animal become ill we will administer an antibiotic under the recommendation of our veterinarian. It is important to us to make sure we take care of all of our animals and provide extra comfort when needed. However, should an animal have to receive an antibiotic,  they will then be pulled from our beef program. Their beef  will not be sold through teXga. And for a fun industry fact -- Please note that as required by the USDA, NO beef (poultry, pork, or lamb) will ever have antibiotics in their body at the time of processing. If traces of antibiotics are found that meat is immediately discarded.

Additionally, we do NOT use an mRNA vaccine and we do not plan to implement this practice. Currently in the U.S. the mRNA vaccine is in clinical trials (As of April '23) and is not available on the market place to veterinarians or producers. 

As we have grown our customers have asked for teXga pork. Starting in fall 2023 we have teamed up with a local hog farm in Habersham County (just six miles from our driveway!) to bring to you teXga pork. These animals are raised with care, fed a locally mixed grain ration and are not given any antibiotics past weaning or growth hormones. Premium pork has been your request and we are excited to be able to offer that for your family's freezer. Both half and whole hogs are available OR customers can choose to enjoy a pork pack!

Our beef (dry-aged for 14 days) and pork are processed under the watchful eye of a federal USDA inspector.  The proteins are fresh frozen and vacuum sealed in plastic to ensure the highest possible quality. Vacuum sealing allows for a two year shelf life, although we hope you enjoy yours sooner than later! The meat you choose for purchase will be packed in teXga freezer bags for you to take home upon pickup or we can ship the product to you!

Our ethical methods make for a delectable meal and we think you’ll agree.

If you trust us and the way we raise our cattle and hogs, we hope you’ll buy our dry-aged beef and premium pork!