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  • teXga Beef Box

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    The best way to stock your freezer with a variety of cuts!
  • Dry Aged Ground Beef ($7.15-$7.99/lb)

    $39.95$143.00 Select options
    $7.15 to $7.99 per pound; sold in 5 package increments.
  • Medium Filet Bundle (Each filet between 8oz-11.04oz)

    $119.94 Read more
    Includes 4 Perfectly Portioned Filets and 3 packages of Ground Beef
  • Beef: Half Cow Deposit Fall ’23

    $500.00 Select options
    Non-refundable Deposit; Balance due upon pick up.
  • teXga Butchers Cut Box

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    5 Different steak varieties plus kabob meat and ground beef!
  • Bone-In Ribeye Bundle (Each Ribeye 20oz-27oz)

    $159.94 Read more
    Includes 4 teXga Ribeye Steaks and 3 Packages of Ground Beef
  • teXga Week-night Meal Box

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    Roasts & Ground Beef - All the essentials you need for a successful dinner!
  • TeXga Burger Patties (80/20 dry aged ground beef)

    $20.25 Add to cart
    Order of 6 patties is $20.25
  • NY Strip Bundle

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    Includes 4 teXga NY Strip Steaks and 3 lbs. of Ground Beef
  • teXga fiesta box

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    Have a Taco Tuesday or Fajita Friday!
  • TeXga Bone Broth

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    Enjoy the health benefits of a local bone broth!
  • KaBob/Stew Meat

    $39.95 Select options
    Grilling favorite! Sold in 5-package increments