Prime Rib Cooking Tips

Some helpful tips for your next prime rib!

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  • Butcher's twine is your friend! When you're cooking a prime rib, be sure to secure it with a few strands of butcher's twine to ensure that it stays tight during cooking and this will make slicing much easier once it's finished.
  • Time & Temperature: It should take you between 30-35 minutes per pound when cooking your prime rib at a temperature between 225-250°. Use the timeframe as a guide but verify doneness with an instant-read digital thermometer. You also need to account for carryover, which is the increase in internal temperature after it comes out, which is usually around 5 degrees. If you're looking for medium-rare, pull it off at 125°, medium 130-135°, and medium well 145-150°.
  • Plan ahead! If it gets done early, wrap your prime rib in heavy-duty foil and place it inside a dry cooler. This will keep it plenty warm and help give you a buffer if it gets done before your guests arrive or your side dishes are ready!


Note: No, we do not offer teXga prime rib as we cut all of our ribeye roll into our boneless ribeye steaks.