teXga Chuck Roast Tacos

*Looking for another way to prepare a roast? Taco 'bout tasty!
- Cover chuck roast with your favorite fajita seasoning. Add salt and pepper.
- Put roast on 225° for 5 hours or until roast reaches internal temp of 160°.
- Put roast in half sized aluminum pan and cover with 2 jars of *salsa verde.
*Any green sauce will work. We prefer Herdez brand salsa verde.
- Cover pan with aluminum foil and cook on grill until roast becomes shreddable. Usually around 205° internal temp.
- If in a hurry or your tastebuds just can’t wait any longer, slice roast into 2-3” pieces, throw back in pan, and crank smoker temp to 300° for 30 minutes.
Serve on fresh tortillas or make some delicious nachos.

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