Prime Rib Cooking Tips

1. Butchers twine is your friend! When you're cooking a prime rib be sure to secure it with a few strands of butchers twine to ensure that it stays tight during cooking and this will make slicing much easier once it's finished.

2. Time AND Temperature - It should take you between 30-35min per pound when cooking your prime rib at a temperature between 225-250 degrees. Use the timeframe as a guide but verify doneness with an instant read digital thermometer. You also need to account for carryover which is the increase in internal temperature after it comes out which is usually around 5 degrees. If you're looking for Medium Rare pull it off at 125 degrees, Medium 130-135 degrees and medium well 145-150 degrees.
3. Plan Ahead! If it gets done early wrap your prime rib it heavy duty foil and place it inside a dry cooler - this will keep it plenty warm and help give you a buffer if it gets done before your guests arrive or your side dishes are ready!
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