Large Filet Bundle


Includes 4 teXga Filets and 3 packages of Ground Beef
We’ve put together a beef bundle that includes 4 of our largest cuts of our most popular steaks and 3 packages of our premium 80/20 dry-aged ground beef that is sure to make the griller in your family happy!
Beef Bundle includes:
4 – Large Filets   | These are beautifully hand cut filets with each weighing between 9.6 oz. and 12.64 oz.
3 – 1.1 lbs. packages of 80/20 premium ground beef (blend includes dry aged brisket and dry aged sirloin)
Steaks are individually vacuum-sealed and fresh-frozen. Ground beef is vacuum-sealed in 1.1 lbs. packages.

*All beef is 14 day dry-aged, vacuum sealed and fresh-frozen
*Cut and packaged by hand

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