Beef Box


$6.99-$9.99/lbs. | 30 lbs. beef boxes

30 lbs. of our home raised beef (steaks, roasts, burger patties, stew meat and ground beef)
2x Beef Tenderloins (Approximate size: 6oz each)
2x Ribeyes (Approximate size: 14oz. each)
2x NY Strip (Approximate size: 12oz. each)
15x 1lbs. packages of ground beef
2x Beef Sirloins (Approximately 14oz. each) *OR* 1x Roast (Approximately 3lbs.)
1x 1lbs. package of stew meat
2x Roasts (Approximately 3lbs. each)
1x 4-pack of 1/3lbs. pre-made burger patties

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1 Box (~30lbs, 1/16 of a cow, $9.99/lb), 2 Boxes (~60lbs, 1/8 of a cow, $8.99/lb), 4 Boxes (~120lbs, 1/4 of a cow, $7.99/lb), 8 Boxes (~240lbs, 1/2 of a cow, $6.99/lb)